One goal of poultry packers and processors, regardless of their size, is to produce the safest poultry products possible. The proven solution in detecting poultry bones and challenging small bone fragments on high-speed poultry processing lines, is Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA’s DualX X-Ray Inspection System.

Anritsu’s X-Ray inspection systems are the most accurate for any facility, thanks to their ease of machine set-up, system cleaning and maintenance, plus the stellar performance of the overall system operation via their technologies. This advanced technology is specifically designed to detect smaller poultry bones, including lower-density fan bones. Two X-Ray signals simultaneously distinguish between each poultry product and their contaminants. Since the high-speed DualX X-Ray Inspection System’s dual-energy technology provides increased accuracy to poultry bone fragments of any size, it assures bone-free poultry processing. Calcified bone fragments as small as 2.0mm are detected, plus glass, stone, rubber, and metal can also be detected as small as 0.7mm.

Equally important, the high-definition, dual-energy behind this technology makes it far more precise than conventional X-Ray technology. As a result, the system yields fewer false rejects, offers proven superior performance and assures poultry packers and processors a higher degree of detection, in addition to operational cost savings from reduce line disruptions and hand inspections.

“Anritsu is the only detection technology company offering our proprietary DualX technologies,” said Erik Brainard, President of Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA. “This system is the most effective design for detecting bone and other material as small as 2.0mm in size and stainless steel particles as small as 0.5mm in size, and it can process more than 16,000 lbs. of product per hour. The DualX allows the processor a real peace of mind, from both a food safety and operational point of view.”

This state-of-the-art detection technology is ideal for the stringent quality-control requirements of leading poultry plants. For more information, read Anritsu’s White Paper on contamination detection by visiting