Visit Booth #B5505 at the IPPE Show to meet with a group of companies that want to talk about Taking You Further in processing. That’s where you will find the most advanced technologies in cutting from Hollymatic, in forming from Nutec and Former and in packaging from Rollstock. These state-of-the-art innovations meet your ever-changing needs in further processing.

Only at Booth #B5505 will you see live demonstrations conducted on Hollymatic’s latest technology in meat saws and poultry cutters with their Defender 4000 Band Saw and Defender PC1500 Poultry Cutter. Using proprietary technology, these Defender Saws effectively stop the saw blade with no damage to the saw at a rate 10x faster than the blink of an eye!

In the same booth, Nutec Manufacturing will be exhibiting their 745E Food Forming System and, for the first time in the United States, their 790E Depositing System. Both systems are 100% electric and use absolutely no hydraulic oil or compressed air. This makes for a more hygienic process. Though completely electric, they use approximately 50% less electricity than other machines their size while forming food at a faster pace. A smaller footprint also makes them better choices for food and meat processing operations.

Former will also have on exhibit their SRT-2600 Servo Rapid Throughput Electric Forming Machine that features less parts and requires less maintenance, less preventive work and allows less room for error. Former’s SRT-2600 provides more productivity, more efficiency, more yields and more profitability which has a direct positive impact on your ROI.

To round out the tech advancements at Booth #B5505, Rollstock will introduce their RM-100 fully automatic Rollstock Vacuum Packaging Machine. This machine offers the lowest cost of ownership in the industry with state-of-the-art simplicity that saves on cost as well as space. Its compact size is the smallest in the industry at just 6’2” long. It can be operated in the smallest facilities!