Heat and Control CEIA metal detectorCEIA MS-21 Multi-Spectrum metal detectors from Heat and Control eliminate the waste and delay of false rejects caused by product effect, yet maintain the highest level of sensitivity to all metal contaminants.

Using the world’s only multi-spectrum technology, the CEIA MS-21 outperforms multi-frequency metal detectors for inspection of high product effect foods such as fresh meats, cheese, frozen and non-homogeneous foods. Product effect occurs when conductive elements in foods (such as moisture, salt, or iron) alter the electromagnetic field of a metal detector. This simulates the presence of metal when none exists, triggering a false reject of perfectly saleable product.

CEIA’s Multi-Spectrum technology differentiates between metal contaminants and product effect conditions, something multi-frequency detectors have difficulty doing reliably. While multi-frequency detectors can choose one from several available frequencies, they still utilize only a single frequency when inspecting product. That chosen frequency is one that best reduces the product effect while still being able to detect metal.  Unfortunately, one frequency is not an inspection multi-tasker and that single frequency is typically a compromise.  In fact, this limitation forces some processors to reduce the detector’s sensitivity to metal in an effort to minimize false rejects caused by product effect.

CEIA Multi-Spectrum technology eliminates this problem.  It simultaneously and continuously uses a spectrum of multiple frequencies to precisely differentiate between actual metal contaminants and product effects.  This produces consistently accurate metal detection while preventing product waste and delays for re-inspecting suspect product.  It also permits reliable inspection of products having different characteristics on the same production line.  

The MS-21 continuously tests and readjusts its detection characteristics to ensure maximum stability and performance.  This process eliminates the need for periodic calibration and ends line arrest and product waste.  Standard features include a single-button preview of detection settings, such  as sensitivity level and estimated detection size of the three metal types.

IP69K-rated for superior wash down protection, all CEIA 21-Series metal detectors feature conformal coated circuit boards for resistance to internal condensation. Bluetooth connectivity for programming and data collection without physically accessing the detector’s interior, Ethernet connection capability, username/password access for up to 40 users, compliance with HACCP and FDA Title 21 CFR 11 for traceable inspection event recording and reporting.

The world’s largest manufacturer of metal detectors, CEIA also builds single and three-frequency metal detectors for snacks, candy, pharmaceutical products, and other falling, pumped, and conveyed products.  For a demonstration, please contact Heat and Control at 800 227 5980 or by e-mail at info@heatandcontrol.com.