DSM’s salt reduction toolbox allows manufacturers to reduce sodium in their savory products by up to 50% without losing taste or mouthfeel. Marking the start of this year’s World Salt Awareness Week, the toolbox is based on a unique five step approach that enables manufacturers to choose from a comprehensive portfolio of natural taste enhancers to develop foods that meet global sodium reduction targets and deliver the delicious flavor consumers demand.

DSM’s sodium reduction toolbox includes a broad selection of 100% natural yeast extracts and process flavors to help manufacturers build unique and specific tastes for their product. Depending on the type of product and the salt reduction target, each of the ingredients in the toolbox can be added on its own or combined in five easy steps, which will enhance saltiness, restore the umami, add salty taste and achieve a homemade meat or vegetable flavor.

By activating taste receptors, particularly umami, in the mouth and throat, yeast extract-based flavorings can help compensate for the taste losses that are usually associated with salt reduction. Tests have also demonstrated that 60% of consumers preferred the combination of sodium reduced tomato sauce when combined with DSM yeast extracts, claiming that it tasted less sour and had a richer, more authentic taste than the full salt version.

Rich in natural free glutamate, Gistex® HUM LS strengthens bouillon notes and enhances the umami character in soups, meat and fish products. Maxarome® Pure and Maxarome® Select contain highly neutral taste-enhancing nucleotides to provide a lingering salty taste in milder culinary flavored products, while Multirome® LS contains less salt and requires only a third of the dose than other basic yeast extracts to deliver a long-lasting and well-balanced umami taste in soups, crisps and dressings. When paired with Maxavor® YE All Natural and the Maxagusto™ range of all natural process flavors, these ingredients can deliver authentic and intense chicken, beef, roast and vegetable flavors in a wide variety of low sodium applications. All the ingredients in DSM’s low sodium toolbox are 100% natural, Kosher and Halal certified, offering a natural and effective way of reducing sodium without compromising on taste.

“Sodium reduction remains a key priority for many of our customers”, comments Dennis Rijnders, Business Line Manager at DSM Food Specialties. “Initiatives, such as World Salt Awareness Week have educated consumers and pushed the demand for low sodium products to an all time high. However, many sodium reduction solutions have not been able to deliver the taste consumers expect and manufacturers were often faced with difficult choices. With the DSM toolbox we’re now able to offer our customers a unique five step approach, allowing them to formulate healthy, yet delicious products”. Rijnders adds: “DSM has been processing yeast extracts since the 1950s, creating one of the broadest portfolios of culinary ingredients available. Our team of savory application experts supports manufacturers across the globe to find the right ingredient solution for their specific needs and product, whether it’s soup, ready-made meals, savory snacks, sauces or noodles.”