Do you know an individual, business or organization that represents commitment, passion and service to South Dakota’s beef industry and/or its product? The South Dakota Beef Industry Council (SDBIC) is taking nominations for its 2013 Prime Promoter Award, an honor that recognizes those who contribute an outstanding service to the beef industry, whether through special support of the industry or promotion of beef.

For more than 20 years the SDBIC has presented its Prime Promoter awards to worthy recipients. Award-winners include a wide range of restaurants that do a tremendous job serving beef—and lots of it, as well as organizations and individuals that go the extra mile to promote or be of service to the state’s important beef industry. 

“This is an important award because it gives recognition to the people who are really going out there and doing a good job of promoting beef for us,” says Bob Fortune, Belvidere rancher and chairman of SDBIC’s Prime Promoter Committee. Fortune encourages people to nominate a business, organization or individual they feel does an especially good job promoting beef and is worthy of being recognized. "It might be a large retail store or a small Mom and Pop restaurant, but we'd like to see more nominations of places and people in the state that go the extra mile to get beef out to the public."               

Anyone can nominate a business, individual or organization. Nominators fill out an application plus detailed information about the nominee and letters of support from others. The deadline to submit nominations is May 15, 2013. Nomination forms and additional details for making nominations are available by contacting the SDBIC office at 605-224-4722, or e-mailing Tracey (Orsburn) Walsh at

Source: SDBIC