McDonald’s announced that it is adding three new Quarter Pounders to its burger menu, replacing its 1/3-pound Angus burgers.  The new items are expected to roll out nationally in mid-June.

Two of the varieties, Bacon and Cheese and Deluxe, were both formerly on the menu as Angus burgers. The new option is Habanero Ranch. The new Quarter Pounder line will use a bun that has eight grams of whole grains, while the original Quarter Pounder will stay with its regular bun, reports the Associated Press.

Greg Watson, senior vice president of the menu innovation team at McDonald's USA, said the company started looking at revamping its burger portfolio about a year ago and realized that it hadn't done much to tinker with the Quarter Pounder, which was introduced in 1971 and remains one of the chain's best sellers.

"Once we created these burgers, we didn't see the need for the Angus line," Watson said.

Source: Associated Press