In a menu revamp set to debut on October 15, Red Lobster will be adding several other proteins to its menu and increasing the number of entrees that are less than $15. About a quarter of the items on the menu will be non-seafood dishes, up from 8 percent, reports the Associated Press.

When asked about the risks involved making such a dramatic change to the menu, Clarence Otis, CEO at Darden, which also owns Olive Garden, said: “The biggest risk would be to not change.”

The restaurant has always offered some non-seafood items on its menu, but the chain began seeking to fill in the gaps on the menu about two years ago. Among the new entrees are a Parmesan-crusted Chicken Alfredo served over corkscrew pasta and Pork Chops.

“We thought, what are the areas we’re missing?” said Michael LaDuke, Red Lobster’s executive chef.

Source: Associated Press