Sealpac EasyLidSEALPAC, one of the leading companies in tray-sealing and thermoforming technology, starts the year with entirely new and innovative packaging solutions, as well as further optimized packaging equipment and line concepts. The EasyLid® system provides sealing and lidding in one single process.

With EasyLid® SEALPAC presents a unique packaging development, which is characterized by its sustainability. It provides full lid functionality, but without requiring the common snap-on lid. EasyLid® is a joint development of SEALPAC (Germany) and Naber Plastics B.V. (Netherlands). It combines a special and patented injection-moulded tray with a unique tray-sealing technology, resulting in a secure seal. The pre-formed tray has a common peelable sealing edge, as well as an additional ring. This innovative and foremost ecological packaging solution achieves a hermetic seal, whilst providing perfect peelability and reclosability for consumers.

The EasyLid® system, which is suitable for both hot and cold filling, as well as for modified atmosphere packaging, brings opportunities in various market segments – from meat spreads, through different types of convenience products, up to delicacies (e.g. olives), pickles and salads.

Award-winning due to significant savings
Owing to the sealing and lidding in one single step, significant savings are made on packaging materials, transport and storage costs. By requiring no subsequent lidding process, additional savings are made on personnel costs and/or a lidding system, which subsequently means that the production line can have a significantly smaller footprint. Any recalls due to badly fitting lids are now history. Naturally, the EasyLid® solution runs on all of SEALPAC’s fully automated A-series traysealers, with outputs up to 160 packs per minute (depending on application).

EasyLid® was nominated for the ‘Deutscher Verpackungspreis’ in Germany, as well as for the ‘Gouden Noot’ in The Netherlands. In November 2012, the EasyLid system won both a Pack Innovation award and Oscar at the Salon International Emballage exhibition in Paris (France).

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