5 Star, a premium beef program exclusively produced by JBS USA, announces the launch of 5StarBeef.com, an interactive website that serves as a sales resource and informational tool for retail and foodservice operators, as well as a useful source of information and recipes for consumers.

"We are excited to increase our online connection with customers and consumers through 5StarBeef.com," said John Flynn, vice president of marketing at JBS USA Beef. "This new, innovative site is a reliable and convenient tool for consumers to learn about our 5 Star Beef and a trusted place where our customers can access valuable resources to help their businesses grow."

5StarBeef.com features a modern look and layout that makes it easy for retailers and foodservice operators to find the information they need in order to provide the products their customers desire. The site also contains recipes, giving consumers great new ideas about how to prepare 5 Star Beef to bring out its best flavors.

"Consumers looking for the best ways to prepare a cut of beef turn to the web more than any other resource," Flynn said. "5StarBeef.com provides them with what they're looking for: great ways to share great-tasting products with their families."

5 Star delivers quality beef known for consistent sizing and excellent taste. It's a brand that promises abundant marbling, superb tenderness and genuinely memorable flavor. 5 Star Beef's comprehensive product offering across the entire value spectrum allows customers to tailor this premium program to meet all their business needs.

Source: JBS