When beef consumers are scanning the meat case, quality and freshness are top of mind, but it can be difficult for them to discern which products are a cut above the rest. Cargill is launching a new premium beef brand called Salt & Sear, so consumers can purchase restaurant-quality beef to prepare at home.

Sourced from only the Upper 2/3 of USDA Choice, with certain cuts qualifying for the Certified Very Tender USDA designation, Salt & Sear beef promises quality and delicious taste. With a great eating experience supported by a money-back guarantee, Salt & Sear products will be available at select retail locations starting in late spring.

Through qualitative consumer research conducted by Cargill in 2019, Cargill selected “Restaurant-Quality At Home” as the leading brand positioning for this beef offering. To the Salt & Sear brand’s target consumer, this positioning represented the highest quality standard and provided confidence in cooking mastery.

While making beef purchase decisions, consumers are seeking certain characteristics and on-package information. According to a consumer study conducted by Cargill in 2018, a significant portion of beef consumers said these attributes are either important or extremely important: USDA Inspected (74% of consumers), USDA Choice (67%), Certified Tender (46%) and Superior Marbling (42%). The Salt & Sear beef offering follows through on these crucial consumer priorities.

Source: Cargill