Neil Kozarsky, CEO and President of Technical Help in Engineering and Marketing (T.H.E.M.), together with Jim Campbell, CEO and President of MULTIVAC, announced the North American launch of Snapsil easy-open portion packs during a joint presentation to attendees of the recent Global Pouch Forum on June 13 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Developed by Australian-based Snapsil Corporation, the Snapsil semi-rigid container features a patented audible “snap-opening” function that allows consumers to open the package with one hand.  Snapsil has developed a range of creative dispensing designs, enabling simple and controlled product release for a variety of unit-dose and single-serve consumer products.

Snapsil portion packs will be produced on the MULTIVAC thermoforming packaging machines. The snap-opening function is integrated in the lower web of the thermoformed pack. There is no requirement for any type of perforation of the film in the opening area of the portion pack; this provides unrestricted barrier properties for package contents. MUTIVAC has already performed extensive testing on the package at itsWolfertschwenden, Germany-based Test Application Centre, identifying a number of tooling and package refinements and enhancements during the process.

With MULTIVAC as the machinery provider, interested marketers will benefit from the company’s established and extensive engineering, sales and service network. And, customers who already utilize MULTIVAC thermoforming packaging machines can introduce the Snapsil package with the addition of new tooling.

“MULTIVAC is very pleased to be involved as partners in the launch with T.H.E.M and Snapsil Corporation,” commented Campbell. “Each of the participants has demonstrated an ability to make this a major success.”

T.H.E.M. will support the Snapsil partnership with product evaluation, testing and contract packaging services. The first Snapsil production lines will be commercially operational at T.H.E.M.’s FDA-registered contract packaging and development facility in Marlton, NJ later this year. Structured with multiple interchangeable packaging suites, T.H.E.M.’s facility has the flexibility to accommodate new package introductions like Snapsil with initial trial, test market, as well as higher volume commercial production runs.

The Snapsil pouch will make its commercial thermoformed debut in a single-serve offering of tomato sauce in August with three brands scheduled for launch during the second half of 2013. With a comprehensive array of configurations, the package is suitable for a number of branded food, personal care, healthcare and household products. Snapsil has also been tested by the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), and has been awarded the “Ease of Use” quality seal.

In recent focus group testing, consumer feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with participants expressing genuine appreciation for the audible “snap” sound that indicates the product is being opened for the first time, delivering a reassuring indicator of freshness. Focus group members also praised the ease-of-use and inherently fun, and interactive nature of the package.

Upon announcing the T.H.E.M.-MULTIVAC partnership to introduce Snapsil in North America, a number of consumer packaged goods marketers have already expressed significant interest. “We are very pleased with the initial reaction to our involvement with Snapsil in conjunction with MULTIVAC,” Kozarsky commented. “All parties involved obviously recognize the great potential for this package, and are committed to providing the necessary resources to successfully introduce it in North America.”

“This is a truly exciting and versatile package, with broad market application for single-serve and portion-specific products,” Kozarsky added. “Energy drinks, hotel amenities, salad dressings, and of course a variety of beverage products and enhancers are just a few of the possibilities for Snapsil.”

T.H.E.M has had its share of successful package introductions, developed and delivered in partnership with other packaging suppliers. Working in conjunction with Sanko Machinery Corporation, the company successfully launched flexible stick packaging in North America. More recently, T.H.E.M. partnered with Zip-Pak to introduce the Zipbox resealable carton, with the first commercial application Plantation Raw Sugar/US Sugar being launched in 2012. Additional Zipbox products are set for rollout later this year with major brand owners.