In an effort to establish control over its global meat business, OSI took the first step by announcing a new global trading platform. MPO (Meat, Poultry & Other) Global Trade, GmbH, located in Günzburg-Denzingen, Germany, has been incorporated in that country. MPO will now operate as OSI’s global trading platform, focusing on poultry products from Brazil and Thailand to start.

MPO (an OSI Group company) will support both the primary processing and further processing assets in Europe and Asia. This strategy will allow OSI to have complete control of its supply chain to support its diverse customer base.

“As a premier global food provider, OSI is continually looking for ways to be an even stronger partner to the world’s leading brands,” said Mark Richardson, vice president, global supply chain for OSI Group, LLC. “The international protein markets in which we participate have become more efficient, so we are implementing a new link in our supply chain to increase its strength.”

Source: OSI Group LLC