Handtmann formerHandtmann’s new servo controlled FS 510 Forming System for the production of long, dimensionally stable premium quality skinless products enables the precise forming and portioning of up to 250 cuts/minute in 6 to 24 lane configurations.

The innovative FS 510 combines the benefits of Handtmann’s gentle vane cell product handling with the precision of its legendary servo‐portioning technology and the new Handtmann “slip‐in” forming head design.

According to Patrick McGady, Handtmann’s U.S. Sales Manager, “Whether in meat, bakery or cheese, the FS 510 system is proving itself as an ideal solution for companies developing formed products in a variety of cross‐sections and producing them at volumes requiring high speed automation.”

Featuring an impressively economical portioning/forming process, the Handtmann FS 510 uses a VF 600 filler to gently move material into the variable lane flow divider where it is separated directly at the outlet by either a wire or a blade.

“Our precise servo‐driven separation is linear to the product flow so production is uninterrupted, even at our highest operating speeds,” says Graham Dalziel, Handtmann Canada Sales Manager.

“To add flexibility and minimize changeover time, shapes are easily switched out with the FS 510’s slip‐in molding head design. It is rugged and quick, and customers are immediately experiencing the benefits of our flow divider design that’s optimized for gentle handling, high speed production, and exceptional hygiene and safety,” Dalziel adds.

The Handtmann FS 510 is simple to operate with central control and fully automated functionality. It is easy to clean with advanced hygienic design. The integrated servo control of both filler and former creates a unified forming system that shapes dimensionally stable, precisely portioned premium quality products at very high production speeds. It is available in in six to twenty‐four lane configurations for products up to 50mm in height and 20mm or more in length.

McGady notes that the FS 510 is built on major design and software advancements that “we think will be taking automated forming to a new level and continue redefining what’s possible with product development and high volume production well into the future.”

“The proof of our Handtmann performance,” says Dalziel, “is most visible in the quality our customers’ products. The value customers find in the FS510 will be in the reliably precise production it provides and the premium product flexibility it will give them as they meet changing consumer needs for many years to come.”

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