Heat and Control Ishida Tray SealerVersatile Ishida QX Flex 775 and 1100 tray sealers handle almost any tray shape and size. They can produce MAP, high oxygen, skin pack, slice pack, outside or inside cut, and shrink film packaging . Both can seal #3 trays at up to 120 per minute with MAP, providing superior seal quality, appearance, and shelf life to flow-wrapping.

Self-draining surfaces, no-tools removal of conveyors and belts, and open framework simplify access and cleaning. Tooling can be exchanged in minutes using a portable cart for simple 10 minute changeovers.

Ishida also builds a dual-lane model of the QX-1100 that can seal two different trays simultaneously at up to 15 cycles per minute. For economical semi-automatic operation, Ishida’s compact QX-300 Flex seals up to six trays at once with MAP and requires only five minutes for changeovers.

For details and a demonstration of Ishida QX tray sealers, contact Heat and Control, Inc. at 800 227 5980 or info@heatandcontrol.com.