Heat and Control oil filterThe Micron-ProTM cooking oil filter has paid for itself in oil savings within the first year at plants producing meatballs, potato chips, batter-breaded foods, and other products. Using no additives, paper, or consumable filter media, Micron-Pro can filter particles down to sub-micron size at rates up to 125 gallons/minute of hot oil. Fines are quickly removed from the oil and filter to minimize burning and free fatty acid formation. Up to 98% of the oil can be recovered from filtered particles, depending on debris type. Fines are automatically discharged from the filter with no operator intervention. 

Low-pressure operation assures safety.  Priced lower than competitive filters, Micron-Pro has minimal moving parts and requires no costly centrifuge, bellows, or conveyorized screens.  Designed by Filtration Automation, Micron-Pro filters are manufactured, sold, and serviced worldwide by Heat and Control.

For details contact Heat and Control at 800 227 5980 or info@heatandcontrol.com.