Seal Fresh packageAgri Beef Co. announces the launch of ‘Seal Fresh,’ a new line of case-ready retail products. Available under the company’s Double R Ranch brand, the Seal Fresh line features innovative, no-leak packaging and offers retailers and consumers easily accessible USDA-certified choice beef cuts. 

Seal Fresh products are packaged in clear, air-tight packaging to ensure freshness for longer periods of time (bone-in products have a 21-day chilled shelf life, while boneless products can last up to 28 days). The beef ages naturally, resulting in superior flavor and tenderness. The versatile nature of the product allows it to be prepared whenever the customer is ready — it also can easily be frozen and defrosted for later use.

From tri-tip to bacon-wrapped petite tender medallions, a variety of versatile cuts is available in pre-packaged and portioned sizes in the Double R Ranch brand. A selection of middle-meat cuts including strip loin, top sirloin and rib-eye steaks as well as a short-loin combo pack is available under the Double R Ranch Signature brand; the only USDA-certified upper one-third choice program in the nation.