Patty Paper papersPatty Paper Inc. (PPI) offers a wide variety of FDA-approved papers for use in the meat, dairy, bakery, deli, snack, and grocery industries. They are used to separate hamburger patties, cheese, steaks and cookies as well as with poultry, pork, bakery, and deli foods.

What really differentiates PPI from many other paper manufacturers is the way they package their paper. Most patty paper producers use cardboard, plastic or paper tape to package their paper stacks. That cardboard, plastic, and tape may not be FDA-approved and only protects parts of the stack from exposure to contaminants, leaving every sheet of the patty paper stack open to dirt, dust, and germs. PPI provides a patented FDA-approved, individually wrapped paper packaging system for every single stack it sells. Individual fully wrapped packages keep each stack of interleaving paper clean and sanitary until it is used for interleaving. Sheets are protected from environmentally introduced contamination with PPI's safe outer wrap.

For more information on variously coated sheets, roll paper or steak paper and improving food safety with Patty Paper, contact PPI at 1955 N. Oak Drive, Plymouth, IN 46563; 800-782-1703;