JBD FoodTech FryerDrawing on more than 50 years of application knowledge and abundant customer input, JBT FoodTech introduced its new reduced-emission, high-performance Stein TFF-V THERMoFIN fryer at the 2014 International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE). JBT FoodTech has a proven history of developing fryers that deliver uniformly cooked product, efficient heat transfer and the lowest possible operating costs.

The new TFF-V fryer advances the art and science of traditional immersion frying with a new hygienic open-frame structure and a proprietary new integrated exhaust scrubber that greatly reduces oil mist and particulate matter in the fryer exhaust. Achieving regulatory compliance is made easier and maintenance effort is reduced with the new exhaust system. A more saturated and uniform blanket of steam protects the oil during cooking while sediment handling and drainage is improved, all extending oil life. Faster conveyor speeds are available, allowing more throughput in the same space as prior models.

The TFF-V fryer is the first JBT FoodTech product to include the new PRoLINK control system. Touch screen, recipe-driven, web-enabled controls ensure highly repeatable and uniform frying. The new controls help improve uptime and safety while reducing training costs and providing operators the ability to receive automated event notices and reports from the fryer via email. The clean and intuitive new interface design is easier to learn and operate, supporting multiple languages and units of measurement.

The PRoLINK control system will be implemented on additional JBT product lines for customers who want complete line integration and speed control from a central operator interface.

To deliver longer oil life, the new fryer and control system integrate seamlessly with the Stein SF filter and the Stein MicroMax™ (MX) centrifugal filter. Both filtration systems feature constant removal of sediment from the filters, eliminating oil passing through fryer debris in the filtration process.

To explore new product concepts or test your product on JBT FoodTech equipment, call (800) 653-0304 to reserve time at the Food Technology and Training Center in Sandusky, Ohio.

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