Allen Harim LogoAllen Harim Foods LLC, a leading poultry company based in Seaford, Del. with facilities across the state as well as in Maryland and North Carolina, announced the launch of a rebranding initiative that includes a new logo and color palette, as well as a vision/mission/values statement that reflects the evolution of the company.

Purchased out of bankruptcy by the Harim Group of South Korea in 2011, Allen Harim has spent the last two years rebuilding. Its focus has been on growing its customer base, expanding its product line, and more recently hiring a new CEO, industry veteran Steve Evans.

“Our new logo is a visual representation of the commitment and forward motion of this company,” said Evans. “We look forward to rolling out the new look over the coming weeks and months in every aspect of our marketing, packaging and across our facilities. We want our customers, consumers, employees and the communities in which we operate to know that Allen Harim is here for the long haul.”

According to Dr. Key Lee, director of sales and marketing at Allen Harim, the new logo “celebrates the company’s history as Allen’s Family Foods, its future with Harim, and our complete commitment to the objective of continuous improvement throughout the company.”

To accomplish this, the new logo marries the traditional scripted Allen’s and its iconic rooster with Harim’s clean, crisp typography.  The flowing ribbon that encircles the company name represents its focus on service, integrity, quality and safety through its “Continuous Improvement” programs.

The color palette incorporates Allen’s historic blue and Harim’s golden yellow. Lee explained that the color blue signifies the water vital to the success of the growth of its products, as well as a sense of calm, health and well-being. The yellow refers to the sunshine also needed to grow successful products and a sense of freshness and warmth.  The rebranding also included the development of a new mission statement – “Improve the Quality of Life and Share Happiness.”

“Our mission includes every aspect of our business, from the customer and consumer to our employees and communities,” said Evans.  “We want to make the lives of everyone we touch a little better and a little happier each time. Our values of service, integrity, quality and safety are what we strive to excel at every day.”

He continued, “Our company’s vision of ‘Global 1st Productivity’ means maximizing our skills in everything we do, in every aspect of the business, so that everyone, from the hatchery to growout, packaging to customer service, is an expert in their field.  That kind of focus on productivity is what will drive our company forward with the best products and services in the industry.”

Allen Harim combines an approach to growing the healthiest poultry possible with a commitment to implementing the latest technology for the continuous improvement of all processes. Headquartered in Seaford, Delaware, Allen Harim operates poultry processing facilities in Harbeson, Del. and Cordova, Md.; breeding operations in Liberty, N.C.; a hatchery in Dagsboro, Del., and a hatchery and feed mill in Seaford, as well. The company employs 1,600 people in the US, as well as more than 170 independent growers and 25 company farms across Delmarva.

Source: Allen Harim Foods LLC