Multivac Packaging LineMULTIVAC will be presenting at interpack 2014 a turnkey, end-to-end thermoforming packaging line, which fulfils the highest requirements of flexibility, ergonomics and precision. MULTIVAC customers benefit from the advantages of being able to obtain all the line components from one source: full integration of the line modules, the right interfaces, single uniform operator guidance and one person to contact.

The packaging line, which will be shown at interpack, consists of the R 245 thermoforming packaging machine, theMRQ cross web labeller which is equipped with a TTO thermal transfer printer, the MR822 checkweigher, a MULTIVAC MBS 100 belt system and an automatic stacking unit. The R 245 is equipped with a MR293 TT direct web printer for printing directly onto the upper web.

Quick conversion to other pack formats
The high-output R 245 thermoforming packaging machine is equipped with modules, which ensure the maximum flexibility and a quick conversion to other pack formats. Among these are MULTIVAC's proven 'drawer' system for the simple change of forming and sealing die parts, hinged side frames and a film quick-change system. Thanks to the use of the WW 220 die changing trolley, the handling of the dies can be made significantly easier.

The servo motor operated lifting units of the R 245 offer the benefit, that the movements of the lifting units can be controlled very accurately as regards their speed and opening width. This enables the lifting unit movements to be matched perfectly to different film thicknesses. This also simplifies format change, since the parameters can be stored in the recipe storage of the thermoforming packaging machine.

Heated side frames
The operation of the R 245 is particularly ergonomic, since the machine is equipped with the MULTIVAC HMI 2.0 user interface, which is operated intuitively. The R 245 also has heated side frames, which make the workplace more pleasant for employees in the usually cool production environment.

Other line components
The MRQ cross web labeller and TTO thermal transfer printer from MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection have been optimised for use on MULTIVAC packaging machines. Their operation is completely integrated in MULTIVAC's HMI 2.0 user interface.

The MR822 checkweigher also comes from MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection. Its transport conveyor and weighing modules are mounted on a robust twin beam carrier, on which almost all configurations of different conveyor modules can be fitted. The entire construction is designed for maximum weighing accuracy with rigidity against flexing, reduction of vibration and absence of torsion.

The MULTIVAC MBS 100 belt system converges the packs after the sealing process.

The use of an automatic stacking unit can automate and significantly simplify the process of pack stacking prior to manual loading of the packs into boxes. The MULTIVAC Pack Stacker can be integrated in the machine control of end-of-line modules. This enables uniform recipe management to be performed via production data acquisition (PDA) throughout the entire packaging line.

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