Tyson Foods Inc. announced the promotion of Flavio Malnarcic as president and general manager of Tyson do Brasil, the company’s subsidiary in Brazil.

“Flavio has done an outstanding job leading the finance team in Brazil,” said Rob Tanksley, senior vice president of Tyson’s Latin America business unit. “I’m certain he’ll do a great job continuing to grow the business by making us a stronger player in the poultry industry there. 

Malnarcic joined Tyson do Brasil in 2010 as director of finance and accounting. Before he joined the company, he worked in accounting and finance with Cargill for a total of 17 years, including six years in its U.S. operations and 11 years with Cargill do Brasil. He has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a master’s degree in business administration.

Tyson Foods created Tyson do Brasil when it acquired three companies in southern Brazil, two in the state of Santa Catarina, and one in the state of Parana. The plants are now at full capacity, processing about 2 million chickens per week. Tyson do Brasil produces a wide variety of chicken products, including frozen, fresh and marinated cuts.

Brazil has a population of 192 million people, a growing economy and a rising middle class. Through its Brazilian operations, the company has additional access to growing international export markets, including the European Union, which currently does not allow chicken from the U.S. to be imported.

Source: Tyson Foods Inc.