CSB System IdentificationFood and drink IT specialist CSB-System International has introduced a machine that allows the automated and secure identification, sorting and targeting of items during the production and packing process, to deliver improved efficiencies and reduction in error rates.

In any food factory, raw materials need to be identified and checked in goods inwards, and finished products similarly assessed, before moving to the next stage.  Additional assessments may be required during the production process, for example inspections following cutting during meat processing.  Typically this type of reporting has been undertaken by manual entries.

The new CSB-Eyedentifier uses sophisticated image analysis to check and enter the relevant details at all checkpoints within a factory.  The system is programmed to ‘learn’ how to distinguish products by taking images of them, identifying their features and memorising them.

In this way, the system is able to sort items at each stage of the production process and direct them the relevant next stage.  In addition, it provides an important additional quality control by checking the contents of crates, trays and boxes in order to spot any unwanted foreign objects.

The CSB-Eyedentifier offers a reliable and robust construction that is able to operate in extreme temperatures and environments with high humidity.

By delivering an automated and fully integrated system, process efficiencies can be increased while the removal of manual data inputting minimises errors.  All information is stored in the system’s computer for easy access for detailed analysis to meet traceability requirements.