Material suppliers and brand owners interested in improving speed-to-market will benefit from a new permeation platform for ultra-high barrier materials that can reduce test time as much as 50 percent.

MOCON, Inc., a leading international provider of instruments and services for testing, measuring and analyzing invisible gases, is introducing its new OX-TRAN Model 2/22 10X system to help companies better manage testing costs and deliver product to market in a shorter time frame.

The instrument is ideally-suited for a wide variety of applications which require ultra-high oxygen barrier. Film and resin manufacturers, converters and brand owners in industries such as electronics (OLED and thin film), solar, vacuum panel, food, pharmaceutical and medical device will benefit from the system’s greater sensitivity for measuring oxygen transmission characteristics of films and packages.

“We are continuously looking for ways to help resin and materials suppliers, as well as brand owners, meet their permeation testing objectives. In addition to receiving test results significantly faster, this new platform automates the test process so that the instrument doesn’t have to be continuously monitored. This frees employee time for other critical tasks and reduces overall testing costs,” said Ryan Holland, permeation product manager, MOCON.

The new OX-TRAN Model 2/22 10X oxygen transmission rate test instrument accurately and repeatedly measures film barriers to 5x10-4 cc/(m2 x day) at precise temperature and relative humidity conditions. It can handle a broad range of flexible materials including all plastic, as well as foil and metalized structures.

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