Plantic Technologies, Ltd., an international supplier of performance biopolymers, announces that its ultra-high gas barrier, renewably sourced Plantic eco Plastic roll stock, has been adopted by Sutton, MA-based J&G Foods, Inc. for its thermoformed, vacuum-packaged fresh ground beef, beef strip and beef sirloin.  The certified organic, wholesale custom meat processor serves an impressive list of Northeastern supermarket customers with a premium line of fresh products including all-natural choice beef, grass-fed beef, organic beef, all-natural pork and Australian lamb, as well as marinated beef and chicken.

At the request of a major regional retail customer, J&G Foods tested the nine mil Plantic eco Plastic bottom web, discovering it ran as well or better than the incumbent material.  “We were impressed with the performance, particularly the extra shelf life and ease of processing,” says Wayne Morin, maintenance manager at J&G Foods.

“We take tremendous care to produce the highest quality products in the most efficient manner possible for our customer partners, and Plantic packaging helps us do that,” says Joe Piperato, J&G Foods president and owner.  “We believe in the benefits of this packaging and are exploring rolling it out to other customers.”

Plantic eco Plastic roll stock is made predominately from proprietary starch technology which constitutes about 80 percent of the total package structure and uses up to 40 percent less energy to produce than conventional ethylene-based polymers.  The extremely low oxygen transmission rate of eco Plastic material can extend the shelf life of fresh foods depending on the application.

“We’re excited to be working with a strong partner like J&G Foods and we look forward to extending the use of our bio-based ultra high barrier material in applications for their other retail partners,” added Tom Black, Plantic president of international business.

About Plantic Technologies Limited

Plantic Technologies is based in Australia, where its head office, principal manufacturing, and research and development facilities are located.  The company also has manufacturing operations in Germany and sales offices in the United States.

Plantic’s globally unique patented polymer technology is based on the use of high-amylose corn starch, a material derived from annual harvesting of specialized non-genetically modified (hybrid) corn and supplied by Ingredion Inc. 

The company provides a broad range of products in the barrier packaging sector and is supplying major supermarket customers on three continents in applications such as fresh case ready beef, pork, lamb and veal, smoked and processed meats, chicken, and fresh pasta applications. 

Plantic Technologies has won numerous international awards for their innovation in biodegradable plastics including DuPont’s Global Award for Innovation in 2006.

Plantic eco Plastic for retailer Cole’s meat packaging was awarded the Bronze medal in the Australian Packaging awards 2011.

 For more information visit the company’s website