As consumer demands for fresh and wholesome food products without preservatives continue to increase, brand owners are seeking innovative solutions to extend the shelf life of their products. To meet these market needs, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America will showcase a flexible packaging technology that potentially more than doubles the shelf life of food products. The technology keeps foods fresher and enhances the consumer appeal of popular brands while minimizing food waste and costs. The solution will be on display at PACK EXPO Las Vegas (Sept 25 – 27, 2017; Las Vegas Convention Center), Central Hall Booth #3636.

Mitsubishi’s technology, embedded as a film layer within flexible packaging, removes oxygen trapped within sealed packages to safely extend and protect original food flavors, aromas, and textures without the need for sachets or packets. Ideal for retort packaging applications, the solution protects products such as soups, sauces, processed fruit, dips, protein bars, prepared meals, wet pet foods, as well as an array of natural and organic and gluten-free products that are particularly vulnerable to food spoilage. The preservative-free innovation which prevents mold growth and color changes, odors and spoilage in foods is FDA approved.

The innovation also eliminates the need for additional sodium, spices and other additives to counteract the effects of high heat required in retort processing. By removing the oxygen within sealed bags and pouches, Mitsubishi’s technology allows food brands to retain their original natural flavors, mouth-feel, and savory tastes.

The technology’s ability to extend product shelf life addresses concerns about food waste, which are top of mind for retailers and consumers alike. The USDA estimates that supermarkets lose $15 billion annually in unsold fruit and vegetables alone. Mitsubishi’s packaging solution helps reduce food waste and saves retailers on associated costs.

The technology is now available as a resin to North American film producers and converters, and can efficiently run on legacy processing systems.

“We offer food processors a free-assessment to determine the increased shelf life that our technology will bring to their brands,” said Sean Hael, Manager, Marketing and Sales at Mitsubishi Gas Chemical. “Our technology will help food manufacturers build greater consumer preference and brand loyalty for their natural and organic and gluten-free products.”

Also Mitsubishi will provide resin samples to film processors and converters to test run the innovative technology.

For more information, visit Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America’s Booth # 3636 at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2017 and see Mitsubishi’s website, or email or call 212-687-9030.