Plantic PackagingPlantic Technologies Ltd, an international supplier of performance biopolymers, unveiled its Plantic eco Plastic R ultra-high barrier packaging material that establishes new standards in barrier performance.

Building on the success of Plantic eco Plastic, this ground-breaking innovation has an oxygen transmission rate so low it is virtually undetectable.  Remarkable barrier effectiveness like this makes down-gauging a real option for every application because up to 60 percent of the structure is barrier material.  Plantic eco Plastic R has been proven to extend the shelf life and product freshness of meat, poultry, and fish from one to three days depending on the product and conditions. 

The new eco Plastic R material format combines PET and Plantic’s proprietary film technology to provide a packaging material that not only delivers meaningful extra days of product display life, but is made from up to 60 percent renewable materials.  

"Plantic eco Plastic R, unlike other barrier packaging formats, can be fully recycled with the PET recovered in the traditional recycling streams.  The renewable barrier material dissolves and biodegrades in the process," says Brendan Morris, Plantic Technologies CEO. “The combination of ultra-high barrier performance and renewable materials is truly unique in the packaging sector and brings together the best of both bioplastics and traditional materials.”

Plantic eco Plastic R is available in a number of formats from premade rigid trays to rigid and flexible thermoform roll stock. The material runs on industry standard thermoforming, vacuum forming, and form-fill-seal systems.  Trays and roll stock require no investment in new processing or packaging technology, and can be directly substituted for a range of traditional plastics used in modified atmosphere, vacuum, and ultra high-barrier packaging.  The rigid trays and roll stock are offered in transparent form – unmatched in clarity – as well as a variety of colors and even multi-color formats.

Plantic Technologies is based in Australia, where its head office, principal manufacturing, and research and development facilities are located.  The Company also has manufacturing operations in Germany and sales offices in the United States.

Plantic’s globally unique patented polymer technology is based on the use of high-amylose corn starch, a material derived from annual harvesting of specialized non-genetically modified (hybrid) corn and supplied by Ingredion Inc. 

The Company provides a broad range of products in the barrier packaging sector and is supplying major supermarket customers on three continents in applications such as fresh case ready beef, pork, lamb and veal, fish, smoked and processed meats, chicken, and fresh pasta applications. 

Plantic Technologies has won numerous international awards for their innovation in biodegradable plastics including DuPont’s Global Award for Innovation in 2006. Plantic eco Plastic for retailer Coles meat packaging was awarded the Bronze medal in the Australian Packaging awards 2011.

For more information visit the Company’s website