Anritsu CheckweigherMeeting specifications on product and label weights and missing itemsis critical but can be very challenging. To help processors meet product weight goals consistently and accurately, more than 150standardCheckweigher solutions are available from Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA Inc. We have the ideal design to meet your exacting requirements based upon your particular production line needs.

Installing an Anritsu Checkweigher is about ensuring dependability, realizing cost and space savings plus locking in consistency shift after shift. Parent company Anritsu Industrial Solutions Co., Ltd., based in Japan, is a pioneer in manufacturing Checkweighers. Our first Checkweigher was designed, manufactured and installed in 1964. Since then we have had a number of breakthroughs that help advance quality control. More than 65,000 installations globally on various types of product lines attest to this fact.

Anritsu SSV Series Checkweighers can weigh 100s of products/minute with a scale value of 1 milligram (.001 grams) and a maximum accuracy of ±.01 g depending on the application.

“SSV stands for Safety, Security and Validation and represents a full range of solutions—from economy systems to high-accuracy systems to washdown systems,” said Erik Brainard, President and CEO of Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA, Inc. “Our technology utilizes multiple types of weighing technology, one being force balance and another being load cell. We take this technology and apply other proprietary filters and software techniques, such as Smart Measurement Function, to advance quality, provide unprecedented accuracy and assure that we can keep up with the increasing production line speeds of today.”

Smart Measurement Function is a new, recently introduced Anritsu technology that allows you to run at higher speeds with less pack spacing. It minimizes false rejects based on double-pack errors. “Our Checkweighers are very small in their footprint, in general, because of the accuracy we can provide utilizing Forced Balance technology,” Brainard says. “Beyond that, we can also add a metal detector to this whole system to create an all Anritsu Combination Metal Detector and Checkweigher System.”

Combination Systems fit within a very small footprint and provide the ability to detect metal and do weighing accuracy checks simultaneously. Combination systems provide you with the ability to satisfy your HACCP control program with a critical control point for metal detection—but also provides you with the data that you need to maximize the performance of your production line.

“The engineering, accuracy, footprints, reliability—all of those factors combined produce an incredibly comprehensive and competitive package for our customers,” said Rob Tiernay, Director of Sales, North America. “Easy belt removal and cleanup are major features. The combination of our experience, people, and the creativity and flexibility of our product line dictates that we have a solution for almost every application within the food and pharmaceutical industries.” We invite you to Watch our Exclusive Video by going and discover what you’ve been missing.

Anritsu offers a wide range of X-Ray Inspection Systems, Checkweighers, Metal Detection Systems, Combination Checkweigher and Metal Detection Systems, Rejector Systems, QuiCCA QA Software, Detection360 and Performa360 Programs.