Meat Order Pro is a comprehensive order entry, production and fulfillment program for wild game and custom cuts order processing. Orders and production are easily entered in this user customizable program. No need to dig through piles of paper orders, the order and product status are just a few clicks away. Brad Van Hemelyrk, Plant Manager at Maplewood Packing, Inc. is very satisfied with the drastic amount of time savings and paper savings that Meat Order Pro has provided. “We spent hours and hours with the small work preparing for the day. That isn’t there anymore. It is a very efficient and organized way to look for orders.”

Once the orders are entered, Meat Order Pro allows you to search current and previous orders, schedule and enter production then run numerous reports that will make your business more efficient. Order summary, items ordered, items to be scheduled, production required, invoices, packing slips and orders to be picked up are just a few examples. This process leads to better order information and shorter turnaround time on the product, which leads to happier customers. Van Hemelryk noted that in their first year of using Meat Order Pro they were able to complete their seasonal orders 4-6 weeks earlier while producing around 10% more product than they have in the past (50,000-70,000 pounds of added capacity).

When a customer calls to check on an order, Meat Order Pro has all the information at your fingertips by using the order search screen. Email orders or invoices at the click of a button. More extensive emailing features will be added soon including an automatic email notification option centered on the status of customers’ orders. Customers can be automatically notified when their order is ready or as a reminder for order pick up. Also coming soon are the wholesaling and recipe batching features.

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