Dynamic Conveyor Corporation announced today that Armac, Inc. has joined Dynamic Conveyor’s team of conveyor sales agencies.  Armac, Inc. is based in Lynnfield, MA and will work with food processors and packagers in New England for their conveying needs.  In addition to sanitary food conveyor systems, Armac offers a variety of equipment to meet the needs of the food processing industry.

Dynamic Conveyor Corporation has been a source of innovative custom conveyor systems for industry since 1991 by providing alternatives to traditional conveying systems that cannot be modified without great trouble and expense.  All of the conveying lines are manufactured using plastic materials which offer flexibility in design and the ability to be reconfigured.  The DynaClean food conveyor systems offer processors an ultra-sanitary conveyor option that reduces cleaning time from hours to minutes.  DynaClean conveyors offer a patented design that is simple, quick and easy to disassemble and clean.  There are no tools needed, no small parts to lose and no nooks and crannies to clean.  A simple conveyor design that is quick to clean results in a very low cost of ownership.

 For more information on Dynamic Conveyor and DynaClean food conveyor systems, visit www.DynamicConveyor.com or call 800-640-6850.