Raycon X-ray Increases Detection of Smallest of Contaminants using Enhanced Software Techniques

Raycon 225.jpgS+S Inspection Inc. continues to raise the bar of performance across its range of inspection technologies. This time, is it with further advancements of the Raycon X-ray technology.

Using faster image processing and multiple concurrent detection algorithms for the detection of a wide variety of metallic and non-metallic contaminates in packaged and unpackaged products, the Raycon is out performing current detection benchmarks of existing food safety programs. The providing an ROI that includes higher levels of food safety, the Raycon also identifies agglomerated, deformed, broken and missing items, even in metallic packaging. Whole or part product checkweighing during the inspection process is a further option to identify out of specification products.

This machine uses the latest long-life X-ray tube and proprietary real-time software running on an industrial PC for reliability and ease of use. The unique configuration with the X-ray source under the conveyor, rather than over the top, called “bottom-up shoot”, provides full product width inspection, even for tall products, over the now considered older style “top-down” geometry . The demanding needs of the food industry for the highest level of hygiene have been addressed with fold-away covers with safety interlocks making cleaning easy and quick to comply with BRC, IFS and HACCP standards.

New control and image processing software is able to simultaneously inspect up to four product lines running in parallel at up to 600 (six hundred) items per minute with different products being inspected in each lane.

An icon based user interface on a ten inch LCD touch-screen monitor simplifies set-up and non-volatile memory will store multi-product data to facilitate product-changeover. As the operation of the new system is similar to that of a conventional metal detector, the need for additional operator training is minimised.

The latest, low energy, monobloc X-ray source, with fully integrated generator and power supply, significantly reduces the number of components to enhance reliability and safety. The small footprint of the compact design allows integration into an existing production line with minimum disruption. The modular design and use of high quality components combine to deliver exceptional reliability whilst simplifying and reducing routine maintenance costs.

Ethernet connectivity is provided for data transfer and remote maintenance and a USB port facilitates image saving, product and system back-up and software upgrades. Multiple I/O capability allows control of external facilities including photo cells and a range of product rejection systems.

S+S C-Scan GHF Metal Detector continues to enhance stainless steel sensitivity

GHF Metal Detector 225.jpgS+S Inspection Inc. continues to expand its capability of the C-Scan GHF metal detector with multi-frequency technology and unique symmetrical design, for enhanced stainless steel detection at levels previously unachievable with other metal detectors. The C-Scan GHF now features a larger touch screen user-interface with comprehensive product and metal signal recording capabilities. Designed primarily for the food industry, the new detector head is heavier and larger for maximum stability and durability. The standard design provides for protection to IP 65 with and optional IP69K version for more arduous applications where high pressure washdown takes place.  The smooth surface finish, with the well proven GENIUS+ signal processing, the C-Scan GHF control system is integrated and sealed into the search head whereby meeting or exceeding the most demanding requirements of the food industry for hygiene and cleaning.

The GHF metal detector can be mounted on a wide range of conveying systems, engineered to suit customer specific needs and assembled at the Bartlett IL, facility.  Very high detection performance to magnetic and nonmagnetic metals, (ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel) is achievable regardless of where the contaminant is within the product.  A wide range of reject mechanisms can be interfaced to the C-Scan GHF to provide fully automatic detection and reject operation.  The enhanced stainless steel detection capability combined with the password protected, menu driven logbook, fully meets the demands of IFS, BRC, HACCP and ISO 22000 validation.

New RAPICON Metal Detector Conveyor at an affordable cost

Metal Detector Conveyor 225.jpgIn response to industry needs of rapid deployment of food safety technologies at continuously higher levels of detection capability, S+S Inspection Inc. answers the call by expanding its contaminant detection portfolio to include the new range of RAPICON Metal Detector Conveyors.

With systems that can ship from days to within a few weeks, the RAPICON metal detector conveyor system is designed with modular components, standard reject systems and a full range of aperture sizes. The RAPICON’s fully welded construction with C-SCAN GHF or GLS metal detection technology is a food safe platform from which detection at the smallest pieces of metal is possible without adding a risk for bug traps or harbourage points into the process. The RAPICON is from the lineage of the very successful SANICON metal detector conveyors and offers compliance to the latest FSMA regulations and is priced to be very affordable.

S+S Inspection Introduces Combo Technology for Gravity Free Fall Applications

Combo Technology.jpgS+S Inspection Inc applies multiple technologies for freefalling products to enhance the levels of product purity. The P-SCAN RG Gravity Free-Fall metal detector has been specially paired with MAGBOX-MXF Magnetic Separator to provide Product Purity at levels previously unattainable in powders, granules and bulk flowing materials. The new P-SCAN RG metal detector with its proprietary technology in coil construction, and signal processing techniques along with the new Magbox Magnetic Separator with its UTI technology (Ultra-High Intensity) magnetic field have been specially matched as a pair to optimize the removal of and identify ferrous materials down to 0.2mm in size and stainless steel metals to 0.5mm. Other application benefits include higher levels of metal free zone management and immunity to environmental factors such as, vibration and interference at levels not seen in other metal detectors. The S+S Combo technology also includes Easy Clean sanitary construction.

 The P-SCAN RG metal detector is the new detection sensor component added to the established S+S line-up of free fall systems known as the Rapid series metal detectors that include automatic rejection systems for fast efficient removal of contaminated materials from the production stream. The RAPID 4000, RAPID 5000, RAPID 6000 and RAPID 8000 free-fall systems are uniquely designed for specific bulk free falling applications. When specially paired with the new S+S MAGBOX, the P-SCAN RG and Rapid Series technologies provide the highest level Product Purity against metal contamination. 

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