SRT_2600_Former_225.jpgFormer is introducing their newest technology in the SRT-2600 Servo Rapid Throughput Electric Forming Machine that truly proves that “less really is more”. With less parts, less maintenance, less preventive work, and less room for error, Former’s SRT-2600 provides more productivity, more efficiency, more yields, and more profitability.

With over 70% less moving parts, maintenance and downtime are greatly reduced. The electrical Servo System has no parts to wear out and replace. That has a direct positive impact on your ROI. And because the SRT-2600 can use existing 26” tooling, you can save even more. To tie it all together, new software gives you the ultimate control with easy programming features and a larger screen.

 The SRT-2600 employs the newest technology available from leading names:

  • Allen-Bradley Software
  • OxiArmor Electrostatic Antimicrobial Barrier
  • Gateway WiFi Production Reports

Additional features and benefits include:

  • Completely electric, the SRT-2600 uses absolutely no hydraulic oil. That makes for a more hygienic process. There’s also less chance for costly repairs!
  • All frames on the machine feature tubular welding; not flat frames that can crack over time.
  • A huge 1200 lb. hopper increases production for whatever you form – patties, nuggets, fish, cookies, petfood… you name it.
  • The vacuum  box is sequestered.

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