Dorner Motors and Controls 225.jpgA conveyor system is only as good as the motor and controls that power it – which is why Dorner has revamped its Motors and Controls offering to support a variety of technologies to cover all applications.

Many industrial and sanitary conveyors require fixed speed, variable speed or indexing motor and controls product. The advantage Dorner brings to the industry is a complete solution (conveyor, motor and control) that’s ready to run right at the side of the conveyor or from a higher control source with limited set-up time. Dorner creates simple automation using a wide variety of options tailored specifically to the customer’s application, and those solutions come with a clean interface. 

Dorner’s Motors options include a variety of technologies for both industrial and sanitary applications, such as AC, DC, Brushless DC and Servo.

Dorner’s Controls feature multiple input power options, and come with mounting hardware for quick and easy installation. When ordered together, many motors and controllers will be pre-wired or have quick disconnects to mate with one another. For simple, straight-forward applications, Dorner’s Remote Basic and Remote Full Featured Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Controllers are ideal for plug-and-play use with a suite of accessories including photo eyes, push buttons and maintained push/pull switches. Additionally, they come with 24-volt DC power supply for accessories; color coded quick disconnects; and interface for customer forward/reverse control.    

 A full listing of Dorner’s Motors and Controllers can be found in the company’s new 28-page engineering manual. To receive a copy of that manual, or for more information on Motors and Controls, call 800-397-8664 or visit