Nearly two years ago when Dave Alwan, owner of Echo Valley Meats, stepped into the Tank during the Season 4 of ABC’s hit show, “Shark Tank,” he never thought for a minute that he wouldn’t receive an investment. Back then, the Sharks gobbled up his gourmet meats with rave reviews but fell short of making an offer.

Still looking for an investment, Alwan was invited by producers to come back and give the Sharks a second chance for what they missed the first time around.

“If your dreams are not bigger than reality, you have a problem with your dreams,” says Alwan. “I am incredibly thankful to everyone for giving me a second opportunity to come back with no deal the first time. The Shark Tank team has been extremely professional and interested in Echo Valley’s growth over the years.”

Echo Valley is a mail order, retail, and catering company that specializes in old fashion butcher shop quality which includes gourmet meats, spiral-sliced natural juice ham, award winning summer sausages and more. Based in the heartland of America, a focus on quality and customer service has always reigned supreme in the business as they ship their gourmet meats across the country.

The third generation cattleman, Alwan, re-entered the Tank for season 6 with the fourth generation of the business, his son Jordan, in tow. It wasn’t long before all of the Sharks clamoured to be partners in the flourishing business.

“This was really great meat...he knows his stuff,” tweeted Shark Lori Greiner. “I remember this product! It’s DE-licious,” mentioned Shark Daymond John. “My family orders Echo Valley Meats every Thanksgiving and Christmas,” said Shark Mark Cuban.

In the end, Billionaire Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban was the most convincing and Alwan accepted his deal. It was no secret that several of the Sharks, including Cuban, were customers over the last few years.

Alwan concluded, “Mark was the right partner for our business and he and his team have been extremely supportive along the way. We are a family business and with Mark, it still feels like family.”

Source: Echo Valley Meats