MicroSnap225.jpgHygiena, a global leader in rapid food safety testing, has been awarded Performance Tested Methods Validation (Certification Number 031501) fromthe AOAC Research Institute for MicroSnap Total, the first seven hour total aerobic bacteria test. MicroSnap Total detects down to 1-10 organisms in seven hours or less, which is at least 17 hours sooner than other AOAC-validated methods for the detection and enumeration of aerobic bacteria.

MicroSnap Total is a flexible test that may be used for product or environmental samples. Processors can now collect samples at the beginning of a typical eight-hour shift and get results within seven hours to verify product quality or take corrective actions as necessary before the end of the day. Knowing results on both product and environmental samples by the end of the shift allows personnel responsible for food safety and quality to react to contamination in a timely manner, release held products sooner for extended shelf-life, and feel more confident about the quality and safety of the food being processed. The US Food and Drug Administration’s proposed rule for preventive controls in the Food Safety Modernization Act suggests a greater emphasis on environmental monitoring for food processors. Accordingly, MicroSnap Total meets the needs of food processors for a rapid, convenient, and affordable environmental microbiology screening test kit.

MicroSnap is a two-device test platform consisting of an enrichment device and detection device. The entire assay is run from start to finish in seven hours with a 15 second read time. MicroSnap devices are measured with Hygiena’s EnSURE Monitoring System, a luminometer also capable of measuring adenosine triphosphate (ATP), Enterobacteriaceae, Coliform, E.coli, alkaline phosphatase (ALP), and acid phosphatase (ACP) tests. A video demonstration of MicroSnap Total may be found on Hygiena’s YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/HygienaTV.

MicroSnap Total joins Hygiena’s AOAC-RI PTM validated tests for Coliform & E. coli. Other products from Hygiena include the world’s best-selling ATP monitoring systems and UltraSnap ATP test devices.

 To enable processors to validate MicroSnap Total in their own facility, Hygiena offers a free trial period. For more information, contact Hygiena at info@hygiena.com or www.hygiena.com.