Local Pittsburgh-area resident, Sherie Clark, gathered with family to receive the $50,000 Grand Prize check from the Dream Big Sweepstakes. Tom Buddig, member of the family-owned Carl Buddig & Company, was on-hand to present the prize. This marks the third and final year Carl Buddig & Company, the maker of popular Buddig lunchmeats and Old Wisconsin sausage and meat snack products, will sponsor the annual sweepstakes.

Determined through a random drawing, Clark’s winning entry was secured with her purchase of Buddig products from a local Wal-Mart retailer.

“Dreaming is a lost art today,” said Tom Buddig, executive vice president marketing for Carl Buddig & Company, “We’re honored to assist in the cultivation of someone’s dreams. We wish Sherie and her family all the best as she makes her dreams come true.”

Clark, 60, recently retired from Highlands Hospital in Connellsville where she worked her entire life. Now entering a new phase, she plans to use her prize winnings as a down payment on a nearby “dream home” to enjoy in her retirement. Clark says she has been an enthusiastic player in the Dream Big sweepstakes ever since its inception in 2011. She has become a fan of the wide variety of Buddig lunchmeat and Old Wisconsin meat snack products since she began playing.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to win the Dream Big Sweepstakes,” Clark explained. “It’s great to know that I’ll be able to transform the prize money into a home I can enjoy for years to come.”

Clark was selected from more than 360,000 entry redemptions to become the winner of the Dream Big Sweepstakes, which ended early this year. Carl Buddig & Company will be replacing the Dream Big Sweepstakes with a new, revamped program, a recipe taste challenge, which will run September through December 2015.

Source: Carl Buddig & Co.