Deli Brands of America, based in Baltimore, Md., has again achieved an A grade from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) certifying that Deli Brands of America has complied with the highest food safety standards in the food processing industry. Deli Brands also completed its bi-annual USDA audit, a rigorous evaluation, resulting in exemplary marks for excellence in food safety.

Deli Brands of America is proud of its record of food quality and food safety. Its presence in the marketplace is growing as customers across the country are recognizing their unparalleled standard of food quality, customer service and food safety.

Deli Brands of America is an 83-year-old family processor of deli products including roast beef, corned beef, pastrami and other primarily beef products both whole muscle and sliced. For more information on Deli Brands of America call 1-866-276-DELI or check out their website at

Source: Deli Brands of America