Atlantic Beef Products Inc., the only federally inspected beef processing plant in the Atlantic, has recently been awarded an ”A” grade on its 2014 BRC audit, reports The Guardian. Atlantic Beef Products (ABP) Inc. is located in Albany, Prince Edward Island.

“This latest audit is an improvement over last year’s “B” grade which demonstrates the plant’s commitment to providing its customers with the highest quality and safest beef products available. ABP has nearly doubled its output in the last two years going from processing 225 head per week to close to 400 per week. Accordingly, it has increased its production staff from 50 to 90 employees,” the company says in the news release.

The company was founded in 2003 and sources its cattle from area family farmers.

“PEI’s small family farms, which dot the rolling hill landscape, are a testament to the quality foods they produce,” states Atlantic Beef’s website.

Source: The Guardian, Atlantic Beef Products Inc.