Simplicity has been a key feature in the success of Nercon’s Flex Lift™ Vertical Conveyor for food, beverage, household, and light industrial packaging applications. The simple design of this robust conveyor enables it to easily fit into operations. Open construction allows for easy maintenance through quick and simple access to all components.

Nercon’s Flex Lift Vertical Conveyor is perfect for use in high-speed applications where floor space is limited. Recent design enhancements and modifications have added even more features and benefits.

To prolong the life of the Flex Lift, Nercon has made these enhancements:

  • Improved design that allows deck to move, creating less stress on deck
  • Redesigned spindle bearing for a stronger unit
  • Larger chains for increased durability
  • Newly redesigned carry chain pulley for longer life

To increase the versatility of the Flex Lift, Nercon has made the following modifications:

  • Enhanced modular design that enables changes to unit in the event of new line configurations
  • Added adjustable supports for field elevation changes

To improve operational and maintenance issues, Nercon has made these improvements:

  • Added a shaft mount motor and reducer for less maintenance to drive system
  • Integrated overload sensors into drive system for less maintenance
  • Installed take-up sensors for maintenance alert

Nercon is constantly re-evaluating designs and making modifications to conveying systems in order to improve. For more information on their Flex Lift or any other systems, visit