Seven employees at a pig farm in northeastern Colorado have been fired after a video released by Mercy for Animals shows alleged abuse that had taken place on the animals. KDVR News reports that the video was turned over to the Phillips County District Attorney and Sheriff last week. The four-minute video shows workers as a Seaboard Farms farm beating pigs with a plastic gas can; hitting the animals in the head and back. The Phillips County District Attorney’s office said that it found no credible evidence that the animals at the farm were or are being abused to the point that charges would be filed.

Seaboard Foods said it was disappointed Mercy for Animals didn’t contact them first, before law enforcement, to allow its team to investigate. David Eaheart, a spokesperson for Seaboard said it learned about the video after law enforcement showed it to them last week. He admits the employees violated company policy and said that’s why they were terminated.

“We have specific protocols and our goal is to keep pigs calm, safe during that process,” said Eaheart.

Source: KDVR Fox News