Looking to drive growth after its strongest year of sales in 2014, Nova Scotia, Canada-based Clearwater Seafoods has expanded its value-added portfolio to include four new scallop and shrimp products including: Scallop Selects, Bacon Wrapped Scallop Selects, Shrimp with Scallops & Sauce and Shrimp & Sauce. All products will be available to foodservice operators and grocery retailers across North America. Clearwater Seafoods’ Scallop Selects are made by forming natural and wild-caught Patagonian scallops into larger uniform medallions, then individually quick-freezing them for freshness. Shrimp with Scallops & Sauce is an addition to the company’s highly successful Scallops & Sauce line. Wild-caught coldwater shrimp and bite-size Argentine scallops are coated in gluten-free garlic cream, tomato cream or zesty marinara sauces. They can be prepared in minutes and customized with favorite ingredients for a variety of distinct dishes. Shrimp & Sauce is offered with either gluten-free garlic cream or zesty marinara sauce.