Food manufacturers and distributors are choosing management systems that make available many of the features of comprehensive ERP systems such as modular design, scalability, the ability to handle traceability issues, and capacity to adapt with company needs.

But some of the largest companies require elaborate ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems that can take years and mega dollars to implement, including consulting and customization costs.

Oneir Solutions offer a more simplified business management system with software contained in robust modules that can be customized to meet specific needs and implemented in as little as a month for just thousands of dollars per location.

MMIS Inc. is an Aurora, Ontario-based manufacturer and distributor of a wide variety of foods as well as food processing equipment and services.

“When we changed over to new system six years ago we completed the new installation over a weekend,” says Bill de Vos, MMIS General Manager. “Beginning on Friday at 5 PM, after we closed, the data from the old system was downloaded and saved. After that the Oneir installers came in for the implementation. On Monday morning it was up and running, so we had no business disruption whatever.”

Falsetto Fine Foods is a wholesale distributor of a broad range of food products to local stores and restaurants.

Falsetto explains that his company upgraded its own Sales Order Guide module, a vital reference that sales reps use in making sales calls with foodservice customers. These guides are used to inform customers of product data and show the sales rep customer order history, making it an important reference to use for repeat sales.

The Falsetto Fine Foods’ Sales Order Guide was designed by in-house, then built into a customized module by Oneir, all in a couple of weeks and at an affordable price.

“I believe that suppliers of business systems for smaller and growing companies should be involved enough to be familiar with your particular business operation,” says Silvana Falsetto. “That familiarity is especially important when it comes to customizing your program modules, ensuring that they are tailored to fit your needs.”

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