PFlow Industries, Inc. has upgraded its DB Package Handling Lift, increasing the maximum achievable speed from 600 to 1,500 feet per minute to better serve the highest throughput, multi-level vertical lifting applications. Ideal for packaging systems with automated loading and off-loading roller or belt conveyors, the DB vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC) can move cartoned material, boxes, containers and totes weighing up to 250 lbs to heights up to 100 ft.

The upgraded DB lift is a space saving alternative to spiral and inclined conveyors, with improved acceleration designed to keep pace with high speed packaging lines that require materials to be raised or lowered at some point in the process without causing a bottleneck. The quiet counter-weighted lifting mechanism features improved dual urethane no-lube belts, and an optional high torque servo drive for precise control, and smooth stops and starts.

“We made the DB lift much faster in response to the demands of our customers in the food, beverage and personal care products industries where packaging lines are highly automated and moving faster than ever before,” said Chuck Cobb, PFlow national sales manager. “There is nobody else in the VRC industry that can come close to moving at speeds of 1,500 feet per minute.”

The DB VRC is completely self-contained, can be loaded and unloaded from three sides, and is made of the highest quality materials for safe, reliable and long-term performance. The standard lift platform is 3’ x 3’ with larger sizes available. Custom enclosures can be provided in steel, aluminum or clear view panels.

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