The Certified Angus Beef brand has named Takayoshi Hirayama as senior manager in Asia, where there is growing potential for premium U.S. beef. Hirayama will be based at the brand’s newly opened office in Tokyo, where he’ll guide brand sales and marketing for beef packers, distributors, restaurants and retailers.

“As we continue investing in this region, we’re excited to welcome the tremendous market knowledge and credibility Hirayama brings to the table,” says John Stika, Certified Angus Beef brand president. “His skills as a long-time mentor and beef expert allow us to fully engage our foodservice and retail partners and invest in their futures.”

Asia continues to develop as a growth market for the brand, where it has played an integral role in the brand’s global brand presence since 1983. The Certified Angus Beef brand’s premium level of marbling and rich flavor Asian customers have learned to trust is an ideal fit for the Japanese market, for example, which is experiencing greater demand for U.S. beef in restaurants and in stores. Through the Asia office, Hirayama will provide more direct assistance to brand partners, much like in the early 2000s when a representative was located in the market.

Hirayama brings more than 30 years experience in U.S. beef sales to this role, first serving as manager of beef variety meats with IBP International Asia in 1985. A year later, he became IBP’s general manager of the beef division focused on sales and marketing in Eastern Asia. Hirayama continued in this role until 1998, when he joined ConAgra Japan, now JBS, as director of beef sales. He was promoted to director of the Japan office in 2003, a role he held until 2014 when he became an advisor for the company.

“I’m interested in putting my beef experience, from beef packers to restaurants and stores, to work for the Certified Angus Beef brand,” Hirayama says. “My family has benefited from my 30 years of experience in the industry. Working for the Certified Angus Beef brand is a great way for me to give back to the beef community.”

Source: Certified Angus Beef