Multi-Conveyor has recently built a mild-steel constructed conveyor that provides gap registration and bent tip detection for a tubed product.

In this video, you will see how the tubes fall directly into position due to the precise pockets designed in the conveyor belt.

The customer requested a detection system to detect a bent nozzle tip that was 4 mm out of center to be rejected. The camera/vision system has the ability to either enlarge or shrink this area of rejection as needed by the customer. This will also detect and reject any tubes that are missing a nozzle all together.

If a bent tip is detected, a stainless steel box-in-box reject pusher will guide the tube into a reject shoot. Box-in-box pushers alleviate pinch points for operator safety. The detection and reject are operated by a smart relay.

The video also shows how the tubes are rejected on the fly for continuous line movement after the camera vision senses a part of the nozzle outside of the defined diameter. Note, the tubes were hand-fed for this video but in normal production each gap registration pocket would be utilized.

There are two Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 40 VFD's on this line that regulate line speed based on parts per minute to coincide with the tube feeder, camera detection and reject system.

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