Fusion Tech Integrated, a fabrication company focused on providing custom designed and manufactured equipment for the food processing industry, exhibited at Process Expo two weeks ago.

Experts were on hand to talk with Process Expo attendees and show Fusion Tech’s industry leadership in providing custom designed solutions to their food processing needs.

The booth was full of equipment that was custom designed for Fusion Tech’s current clients, as well as a few unique pieces designed for the show. Equipment on display included:

  • Tempered Block Breaker: a 60” meat and poultry block breaker designed to take tempered and semi-frozen blocks and break them back to their natural pieces to allow for treating and future processing.
  • Tempered Block Breaker Platform: a raised work platform that housed equipment to prepare tempered blocks before entering the tempered block breaker.
  • Box Prep Conveyor: a small conveyor designed to move product boxes in place for opening and prep.
  • Manual Box Tipper: a box tipper stand that tips product boxes at an ergonomically safe angle for unloading tempered product blocks.
  • Product Prep Table: a table custom designed for the removal of tempered product blocks from their wrapping and feeding into the tempered block breaker.
  • Ergo Trim Station: a product trim station complete with ergonomic stand and removable and storable seat, removable and storable cutting board, and adjustable shoot for moving product onto a nearby conveyor.
  • Lazy Susan: designed to allow product build up in your processing operation line while packaging food product.
  • Zero-Tangent Radius Conveyor: a radius conveyor designed to provide curved conveyance in small spaces using Intralox’s new Series 2100 Zero Tangent Radius Flat Top belting.
  • Pivoting Conveyor: a conveyor designed to provide egress for employee movement throughout your plant, this conveyor continues running even when locked in the up position.
  • Ergonomic Stand: a durable ergonomic stand with anti-slip coating that positions employees at an ergonomically safe height for working.

All equipment showcased at Process Expo, as well as product videos, can be seen on the Fusion Tech website at www.ftiinc.org/expo.