In November 2015 Marel Stork Poultry Processing organized its first Poultry ShowHow in Copenhagen. Poultry processors from all over the world gathered in Denmark to be informed about the latest developments in their industry.

Processors from countries such as UK, Poland, France, Romania, Turkey, Russia, Colombia and Australia got together in Marel's own Progress Point demo center in Copenhagen for an inspiring day full of product launches, live demonstrations and interesting knowledge sessions. The participants were at the front row of experiencing a thorough, in-depth picture of the most advanced solutions Marel Stork has to offer now and in the near future.

Reducing complexity

All of the activities during this day were centered around the theme 'from Complex to Relax'. The event showed how processors can relax, while their daily complex production challenges are perfectly managed. Integrated line solutions revealed the obtainable reduction in complexity of the poultry process flow. Showcases featuring working portioning, grading, batching, packing and labeling lines provided a unique hands-on experience. The real-life systems and software solutions offered a clear outlook on the way Marel Stork envisions the future of poultry processing.

Looking back, Arie Tulp, Marel Stork Marketing and Sales Director, was very satisfied with the successful event: "In Copenhagen, we could pay much more attention to our customers than we usually can at trade shows, that's why we feel our Poultry ShowHow is so significant and valuable to all participants."

Highly focused

Marel Stork specialists gave interesting presentations about key topics like smart product allocation, value-added fillet processing and smooth order handling. Besides Marel Stork's own expert presenters, two external speakers, Nan-Dirk Mulder (Rabobank) and Shai Barbut (University of Guelph) put the poultry industry in new perspectives.

"We were pleased to share our high-tech knowledge and to be able to exchange experiences with our customers in such a highly focused setting. All attendants expressed that this Poultry ShowHow was a very enlightening and useful event," says Arie Tulp. "Considering the visitors' enthusiastic responses, a second Poultry ShowHow in 2017 will certainly be put on our agenda."