When floor space is tight and applications call for product to be moved up or down, Dorner’s trio of SmartFlex curve conveyors are the perfect answer.

The SmartFlex Helical Curve, Spiral, and Alpine conveyors greatly expand the capabilities of Dorner’s SmartFlex line by giving customers the ability to move product up or down and around equipment to accommodate tight spaces. Dorner’s SmartFlex line is a flexible conveyor platform that reduces costs, saves time and offers simple configuration and acquisition options to Dorner’s customers within the packaging, medical, health and beauty, industrial automation and electronic industries.

The SmartFlex Helical Curve allows incline or decline movement through corners and straights, and provides capability for vertical incline with minimal space. The SmartFlex Spiral is capable of twisting 360° degree turns to move product vertically with an extremely small footprint. Both the helical and spiral conveyors feature a patent pending chain design that allows the conveyor to maintain speeds and loads through the angled curve.

The SmartFlex Alpine is designed for long, continuous incline or decline runs with tight turns. It’s also ideal for accumulating, buffering and cooling product between processes or machines.

“Our SmartFlex line has been very well received in the industry as a platform that can be engineered to exact customer specifications and shipped in about five days,” said Stacy Johnson, senior marketing manager, Dorner. “Applications continue to become more complex, and our customers are looking to us for conveyor platforms with tight turns that use very little floor space – and that’s exactly why we continue to expand our SmartFlex line.”

Specifications, features and benefits of the SmartFlex Helical, Alpine and Spiral curve conveyors include:

  • Aluminum single-piece frame conveyor
  • Navigates very tight corners with wheel and plain bend options
  • Multiple product transfer options for end and side transfers
  • Provides capability for vertical incline with minimal floor space
  • Available widths of 65 mm, 85 mm, 105 mm, 150 mm and 180 mm (depending on model)
  • Speeds up to 250 feet per minute
  • Made to exact customer specifications and shipped within 5 days

For more information on Dorner’s SmartFlex Helical, Alpine and Spiral curve conveyors, visit www.dornerconveyors.com.