SCA, producer of the Tork brand of Away-from-Home (AfH) professional hygiene products, announced the launch of the new Tork Washstation Dispenser, a purpose-built dispenser designed to handle the rigors of the challenging food processing environment. It provides best-in-class water resistance, hands-free dispensing, and the highest capacity refill on the market. It is certified by HACCP International and can help mitigate risks and streamline operational efficiencies.

No more cover-ups

Unlike traditional dispensers, the Tork Washstation Dispenser is water-resistant and does not need to be covered or removed from walls during routine sanitation procedures, including high-pressure spray downs. This dispenser was designed to channel water off the housing and away from the refills inside. This not only avoids bacteria growth from pooling water, but also reduces waste from refills getting wet during clean up. In addition to saving time and reducing waste, the high capacity of the Tork Washstation Dispenser improves plant floor efficiency – staying stocked longer, meaning less downtime for refilling.

“We designed our new Tork Washstation Dispenser specifically for the food processing facility environment – from best-in-class water resistance to higher capacity roll system – in order to meet the rigorous standards of industry governance as well as offer the high performance and efficiency demanded by facility managers,” said Tom Bergin, marketing director for SCA’s AfH Professional Hygiene business in North America. “We are also proud to offer the only dispenser certified by HACCP International, making it the most secure bet for processors seeking to reinforce their HACCP plans.”

Purpose-built and backed by research

SCA commissioned an independent research firm to fully understand the dispenser needs of the food processing facility environment. The study found that, in addition to a certification from HACCP International, an ideal dispenser would offer increased durability and ease of refill, accommodate more paper, have improved safety and contamination deterrents, as well as be available in modern and sleek design. Based on these findings, the Tork Washstation Dispenser was purpose-built to fit these specifications, including:

  • Best-in-class water-resistance – no need to cover or remove during spray down
  • Higher capacity roll system - less downtime for refill
  • Hands-free dispensing - improves hygiene
  • Modern functional design in Tork performance dispenser colors – available in transparent aqua/white and transparent red/smoke
  • HACCP International certification

See for yourself

The Tork Washstation Dispenser will be available for all food-processing facilities as early as April 2016. To introduce its newest dispenser and disposable wiper system, Tork will be offering free trials for customers wanting to spray down the water-resistant solution themselves. Learn more about the Tork Washstation Dispenser and sign up for a free trial at

For more information, please contact Alina Rubezhova at (212) 445-8203 or at