Cantrell’s new Gizzard Harvester CGH-9600 has several new, innovative features that improve performance from the highly-productive CGH-9500.

The CGH-9600 features newly-designed infeed guide, outlet guide, spreader bar, water manifold, safety screen, transport and pinch-off rollers and peeler rollers.

The innovative infeed guide provides a more centered gizzard cut and an outlet guide which allows the machine to better handle variations in product size.

The newly-designed spreader bar allows for higher product recovery rate. The water manifold provides even more accurate pinpointing of water in the process, improves splitting of the product and aids in the servicing of the machine.
New peeler rollers have been designed for better peeling of the product and the new design for the transport and pinch-off rollers improve performance. And a safety screen was added to allow for examination of the CGH-9600’s performance.

Cantrell offers a modification kit with these features for previously installed CGH-9500 Gizzard Harvesters.

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