A fire at Steve’s Butcher Shop in Doniphan, Neb. Left the exterior intact but heavily damaged the inside of the business and destroyed all of the products inside. According to the Omaha World-Herald, owner Steve St. John had left the business on Sunday morning after putting 22 slabs of bacon in a smokehouse. The fire started approximately two hours later.

“Evidently there was a malfunction in the smoke generator,” St. John said. “Once it got so hot, of course, things started on fire.”

The fire was extinguished by volunteer fighters within 15 minutes, but the meat in the building is a total loss, including 25 deer carcasses and wild boar carcasses that had yet to be processed. This is the second major fire that St. John, 65, has experienced, but he vowed to rebuild.

“I feel that people need me,” he said. “My three employees have families and stuff, and they have worked here 10 to 12 years, too. I can’t just lock the door and walk out.”

Source: Omaha World Herald